ADR Coops help resolve disputes

No matter what type of dispute you're experiencing we have a member who can help you to understand it and resolve it. All members are professional, accredited mediators.

About Us

Australian Dispute Resolution Cooperative is a collaboration of dispute resolution professionals who work together to provide dispute resolution services to large businesses and corporations where a team approach is required to ensure a uniform response throughout Australia.

Our members support each other providing the opportunity for individual members to focus on their areas of expertise as they would if they were working for a large organisation while retaining the freedom and control of individual practitioners.

ADR Coop gives members the best of both worlds and clients the opportunity to work with a dedicated account manager while having access to a wide number of specialists and experts with ease.

Our services for organisations range from information and advice to targeted interventions all the way up to holistic organisational culture change programs where we work with and guide your leadership team every step of the way.

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Our Mediators

We have members in all States